The internet has become a tool used by law enforcement to find and arrest those they believe are guilty of crimes. Through online investigative resources, local, state and federal agencies on all levels have used the internet as means of finding those they believe are involved in the sexual exploitation of children. Recently, an online investigation in another state led to the arrest of a New Jersey man for sexual assault.

A cybercrime investigation team was communicating with a 67-year-old online. Authorities contend that during chats with them, he actively sexually assaulted a 14 month old child. He allegedly filmed the incident with a web camera.

Law enforcement in the state the investigation was stemming from traced the man to New Jersey and alerted local authorities there. The man was arrested and charged with exploitation of a child. The charge can carry a mandatory prison term of 15 years with a maximum of 30 years. The charges came about as part of a nationwide effort dubbed Project Safe Childhood.

The charges the man faces are extremely serious, and there is a significant difference between the minimum and maximum prison sentence that can result if someone is convicted of sexual assault of a child. The New Jersey man arrested may want to ensure he is fully aware of his rights and what a charge like this can mean for his future, his reputation or his finances regardless of if he is found innocent or guilty. As in any case where someone has been arrested for a serious crime, they are presumed innocent until proven guilty and are promised due process and a fair trial.

Source:, “Toms River Man Arrested After Uploading Video Footage on Internet of His Assault of 14 Month Old Boy,” July 16, 2013