Falling asleep at the wrong time and in the wrong place can have serious legal consequences. For one New Jersey man, taking a nap in his car has led to a number of drug charges being filed against him. The 58-year-old man was in a parking lot inside his car at the time of the incident.

Police responded to some kind of call and found the man inside of his car. When asked to step out, police contend a packet of what they described as possible heroin fell onto the ground. The police also allegedly observed what they described as glassy and bloodshot eyes. The arrested the man for possession of heroin and also driving under the influence.

Upon further searching, they allegedly uncovered more drug related items. Police contend they found Percocet and a straw with traces of heroin. He faces possession charges and was released.

It is unclear what initially led police to ask the man to exit the vehicle or what all evidence may potentially be used against the man if the case goes to court. In New Jersey, anyone facing drug charges should be fully aware of what the penalties may be for certain types of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia. They may also want to be clear on their rights when it comes to searching vehicles and the legality of gathering evidence from a vehicle that may potentially be used against them in a court of law if they face criminal charges related to the seizure of drugs.

Source: nj.com, “Bayonne man sleeping in car charged with drug possession, DUI: cops,” Anthony J. Machcinski, July 3, 2013