There are times when the police are called for one reason and someone ends up facing charges for something completely unrelated to the original complaint. This seems to be the case for one New Jersey man. Police were called to an apartment building because a dog was locked inside of a car and a 24 year man was arrested for a variety of drug charges as a result.

When police came onto the scene, the car was exiting an apartment complex. Police stopped the car in question and that is when the driver reportedly admitted to having drugs inside the car. A search was conducted and marijuana was found along with Xanax and Ecstasy. Aside from the drugs, officers reportedly found ammunition, a hand gun and cash totaling almost $2000.

The police contend that the man resisted arrest and went so far as to escape from his handcuffs while in the back of the police car. They report that he had to be subdued both times. The man faces a list of drug charges including distribution and possession charges. As he was placed in the county jail, the dog that was at the center of the original call to police was placed in an animal shelter.

The listed drug charges against the man could carry a wide range of consequences in a New Jersey criminal court should a conviction ultimately be obtained. The manner in which police found the reported evidence and what evidence there may be regarding the contention that the man resisted arrest may all be part of a court hearing if the charges lead to a trial. In any case involving drug possession or distribution charges, the type and the amount of drugs involved may play a substantial role in the eventual outcome of the criminal proceedings.

Source:, “Glassboro police: complaint of dog locked in car leads to drug arrest,” Andy Polhamus, June 23, 2013