It is not all that uncommon to hear about a fight breaking out outside of a bar. However, when that fight is severe enough, one or more of the parties involved may need to think about their criminal defense options. For NFL player, Ausar Walcott of the Browns, a bar fight in New Jersey has led to some serious criminal charges.

The 23-year-old player was at a bar when he allegedly hit another man in the head. That individual was taken to the hospital and was reported to be in critical condition, presumably from the altercation. The NFL player turned himself in to police. He has been charged with first degree attempted murder and aggravated assault. Bail was set at $500,000.

Walcott also had brushes with the law during his college football years. He was charged with assault and battery in 2011. He saw a mental health professional and had those charged dropped. He was then able to take part in the college football program again; which eventually led to his position in the NFL.

The charges he faces in New Jersey may pose very serious consequences if he is convicted.. Those consequences, be they time in jail, probation or community service, may all affect his career in the NFL and in turn, his ability to make a living. Anyone facing serious charges may want to find out if there is a criminal defense option that may help them preserve their livelihood and allow for them to be still have a future in the career field they may have worked so hard to advance in.

Source:, “Browns rookie LB Ausar Walcott charged with attempted murder,” Brian McIntyre, June 26, 2013