Being swept up in a far-reaching or multi-person investigation can lead to serious charges. Recently in New Jersey, a large investigation, dubbed as a crack down on weapons and guns, resulted in the arrest of 35 people. The crackdown and subsequent drug charges that were levied are said to be part of actions taken primarily in areas that have a statistical high level of crime.

The investigation started on a Friday afternoon in one section of the city targeted and went on until the next morning. City police and federal drug agents worked in conjunction to conduct the far-reaching sweep of Jersey City. The 35 people arrested were charged with a number of both weapons and drug charges.

During the sweep, police reportedly took a number of weapons, including a replica of an Uzi. They also found a large cache of marijuana. Cocaine, knives and handcuffs were also confiscated as part of the investigation.

It is unclear if certain individuals in this case will face lesser or more serious charges compared to others. For some people caught up in a drug or weapons sweep, being in the wrong neighborhood at the wrong time may be what led to their involvement in the incident. Drug charges in New Jersey can result in a number of criminal penalties ranging from probation, fines, jail time or admittance into a substance abuse program. Any individual caught up in a drug or weapons sweep and then arrested should know their rights and know exactly what charges they, as an individual, may be facing.

Source:, “Dozens arrested in Jersey City drugs and weapons bust,” July 28, 2013