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September 2013 Archives

New Jersey teen faces juvenile charges

There can be a lot of confusion if police show up to a potential scene and spot a large group of people. Recently in New Jersey, police responded to a call to find that they needed to separate people in the group outside of an apartment complex and determine who may be at fault for an incident with a bat. One teen faces juvenile charges for what he is accused of doing to two other teens at the apartment.

2 New Jersey men facing gun and drug charges

Anytime someone is observed on surveillance cameras on the street, they may be subject to being questioned about their activities. Recently in New Jersey, the activities of two men seen on surveillance cameras led police to pull them over while they were in their car. Those two New Jersey men are now facing gun and drug charges.

New Jersey man deals with consequences of several DWI arrests

When someone faces a DWI charge, if they have any past infractions related to driving while under the influence, the penalties can be stiffer. Recently, a New Jersey man is facing very stiff DWI penalties as he has been found to have several previous offenses. The latest arrest has been determined to be his sixth charge in the last three months.

Group of New Jersey teens face juvenile charges

While minors may not fully understand the law sometimes or how it applies to them, they are still held accountable in a juvenile court when they break the law. Recently in New Jersey, a group of teens were arrested and face juvenile charges related to drugs. The teens involved are all ages 15 and 16.

New Jersey woman causes crash, arrested for DUI

Anytime there is an accident and a utility pole becomes damaged, the road may have to be closed down for some time while repairs are made. Recently, an accident in New Jersey led to this exact scenario. However, the woman who crashed her car into the pole was arrested on suspicion of DUI.