Anytime someone is observed on surveillance cameras on the street, they may be subject to being questioned about their activities. Recently in New Jersey, the activities of two men seen on surveillance cameras led police to pull them over while they were in their car. Those two New Jersey men are now facing gun and drug charges.

The men were seen on a Wednesday allegedly making a drug transaction with a third individual. As they were in a car, the police stopped the two men. Police then searched the car and also contend they found a hidden compartment inside. What they allegedly found is what led to charges being filed against the 25-year-old and the 31-year-old males in the vehicle.

Police contend there was a loaded handgun and a 30-round magazine inside of a secret compartment. They also found heroin and cash. Both men were taken to the county jail. They are being held on $50,000 cash bail.

Anytime someone is pulled over in New Jersey and a search is conducted, those in the vehicle should know their rights. Also, evidence or suspicions aroused by surveillance cameras can also be called into question if those suspicions are what leads police to pull over and search a vehicle. The gun and drug charges against these two individuals can have very serious consequences. However, they have the right to know the legality of any evidence collected against them and also if the search of their car was also conducted in a legal manner.

Source:, 2 charged after gun, drugs found in car, No author, Sept. 19, 2013