While minors may not fully understand the law sometimes or how it applies to them, they are still held accountable in a juvenile court when they break the law. Recently in New Jersey, a group of teens were arrested and face juvenile charges related to drugs. The teens involved are all ages 15 and 16.

The five kids were found to be in the woods in the afternoon. Police had been called to check out the situation, although it is unclear who called the police. When the police arrived, the police contend they saw smoke and they could smell what they described as burnt marijuana. Upon further investigation, the police contend one of the kids had a few bags of marijuana and a bowl inside of her purse.

The teens were all charged and then released to their parents. They face possession charges and also paraphernalia charges. They were also charged with being under the influence of a dangerous substance. They have a pending date to appear in a juvenile courtroom to face the numerous charges against them.

The consequences for those facing juvenile charges in New Jersey may be less than that of an adult in the same situation. However, those consequences can still affect their future and still result in long term consequences that could affect their job life, school life, or even family life. Anyone facing juvenile charges should be sure they know their rights and also fully understand what all they may be facing in a New Jersey juvenile courtroom.

Source: njherald.com, Teens arrested on drug charges, No author, Sept. 6, 2013