When someone faces a DWI charge, if they have any past infractions related to driving while under the influence, the penalties can be stiffer. Recently, a New Jersey man is facing very stiff DWI penalties as he has been found to have several previous offenses. The latest arrest has been determined to be his sixth charge in the last three months.

The 45-year-old man was pulled over at the end of June and charged with DWI. He was found to have been arrested before that during five different incidents in a time frame of five weeks. During one of those incidents, he hit a police officer, and during another he collided with a school bus as it was dropping off children.

Because the driver had not yet appeared in court to face any of the most recent charges, he still had a license at the time of the last arrest. His most recent sentence bans him from driving for 12 years. However, in 2012, he was banned from driving for 33 years.

While it is most unusual for someone to be arrested repeatedly during a five week period, any subsequent DWI arrest in New Jersey can lead to an increase in fines. Subsequent arrests can also add to the time without a license and even potential jail time. It is vital that anyone arrested for DWI in New Jersey to know how the penalties increase and what those penalties may mean for their wallet, their job if a license is needed and even their freedom.

Source: NBC Philidelphia, Man With 6 DWIs Loses License for 12 Years, Dan Stamm and David Chang, Sept. 14, 2013