There can be a lot of confusion if police show up to a potential scene and spot a large group of people. Recently in New Jersey, police responded to a call to find that they needed to separate people in the group outside of an apartment complex and determine who may be at fault for an incident with a bat. One teen faces juvenile charges for what he is accused of doing to two other teens at the apartment.

The police arrived at an apartment complex at night to find two people had been assaulted with the bat. They arrested a 17-year-old boy outside after talking with a number of people at the scene. The two boys allegedly assaulted were also juveniles.

The teen arrested allegedly broke out the window of the door of the apartment to gain access. He then allegedly used the bat to assault two people inside. He contends he was insulted by one of the teens he went to confront. Both boys hit with the bat needed medical attention although it was unclear how severe their injuries may have been.

The New Jersey teen is facing juvenile charges of aggravated assault and possession of a weapon. He was taken to a juvenile detention center to await a hearing. The charges are quite serious and can have severe consequences in a New Jersey juvenile court. It is vital that anyone arrested and facing juvenile charges understand the difference between what a criminal consequence may be for a juvenile crime over that of an adult criminal charge.

Source:, Budd Lake teen held in baseball bat attack, Phil Garber, Sept. 27, 2013