Anytime there is an accident and a utility pole becomes damaged, the road may have to be closed down for some time while repairs are made. Recently, an accident in New Jersey led to this exact scenario. However, the woman who crashed her car into the pole was arrested on suspicion of DUI.

The woman crashed the car into the pole around 1 a.m. The pole was sheared off and lines came down landing on the highway. The 24-year-old woman was not injured in the accident. The road was closed for hours, with all but one lane being reopened before 8 a.m.

Police contend the driver had a number of signs indicating impairment. The say she lacked balance and her speech was slurred. They also contend she had a hard time answering questions the police were asking her. She allegedly failed field sobriety tests.

The woman faces charges of DUI and also careless driving. Anytime someone in New Jersey is facing a DUI charge, whether they have been in an accident or not, it is imperative that they understand their rights and also what to expect in a court of law. A DUI charge can carry various consequences depending on if someone was injured, the blood alcohol level of the accused, any previous DUI convictions, and also whether other factors contributed to an arrest, such as careless driving. The more someone understands the status of their particular situation, the better prepared they may be defend themselves and see that their rights are protected.

Source:, DUI crash shears utility pole, closes Route 23 in Pequannock, cops say, Justin Zaremba, Aug. 23, 2013