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October 2013 Archives

New Jersey man accused of erratic and drunk driving

Driving down the highway at night can be troublesome in itself for a wide variety of reasons. Oftentimes, people will make mistakes or draw attention to themselves when they seem to be making odd maneuvers on the road. For one particular New Jersey man, his driving style was enough for officers to believe he may have been guilty of drunk driving.

New Jersey man impersonates officer, faces sex crimes charges

Any time someone is accused of impersonating a police officer, there can be many legal repercussions. However, those penalties and repercussions may be intensified if that person is also facing allegations that they committed a crime while impersonating a law enforcement officer. Recently, a New Jersey man was arrested and faces charges of sex crimes that he allegedly committed while following through with the alleged impersonation.

Several face drug charges after New Jersey bust

There may be times when a group of individuals may be under investigation and not even realize it is going on. Recently in New Jersey, an investigation led to drug charges against a group that are reportedly part of the Bloods street gang. The individuals arrested were labeled as members of the Sex Money Murda off-shoot of the nationally known gang.

Woman sentenced for New Jersey drunk driving accident

Any kind of collision with a police car can mean serious consequences for the driver who caused the collision. However, if the law was being broken at the time of the car accident, the criminal consequences can be severe. For one woman, hitting a New Jersey police officer back in December has led to jail time and probation for drunk driving.