Driving down the highway at night can be troublesome in itself for a wide variety of reasons. Oftentimes, people will make mistakes or draw attention to themselves when they seem to be making odd maneuvers on the road. For one particular New Jersey man, his driving style was enough for officers to believe he may have been guilty of drunk driving.

The 28-year-old man was driving along the road when he was noticed putting on his turn signal when there were no exits along the highway for him to turn onto. He was also allegedly braking the vehicle in what police described as an erratic manner. Police followed the GMC Envoy and pulled him over after monitoring his driving.

The man was the subject of a roadside investigation and transported to the police headquarters for a breath test. He was arrested for drunk driving. He was also cited for DUI in a school zone and also accused of a charge of careless driving.

The results of a breath test or field sobriety test may be used as evidence in a drunk driving case. However, in New Jersey, some drunk driving cases may hinge upon the legality of the person being pulled over to begin with. In New Jersey, a drunk driving charge can lead to any number of consequences including jail time, fines, loss of license, mandatory attendance in an alcohol rehabilitation program or other consequences. As in any case, the man arrested for drunk driving in this case is entitled to a defense and is innocent until proven guilty in a New Jersey court.

Source: newjerseyhills.com, ‘Erratic’ Fairfield driver arrested for drunken driving, No author, Oct. 25, 2013