Any time someone is accused of impersonating a police officer, there can be many legal repercussions. However, those penalties and repercussions may be intensified if that person is also facing allegations that they committed a crime while impersonating a law enforcement officer. Recently, a New Jersey man was arrested and faces charges of sex crimes that he allegedly committed while following through with the alleged impersonation.

The charges involve a 50-year-old man who is accused of taking his issued equipment from his corrections officer job and using it to perpetrate the facade that he was a police officer. He stands accused of luring prostitutes to locations then proclaiming himself to be a police officer, and saying they were part of an undercover sting. Then, the man allegedly would tell the prostitutes that he would not arrest them for prostitution if they had sex with him for free. He allegedly got one prostitute to comply by agreeing to pay a reduced amount of money in exchange for sex.

The man has admitted to intimidating four different women into complying and engaging in sex with him under the guise of being a police officer. He is charged with sexual assault and has been sentenced to five years in prison. He also lost his job with the Department of Corrections after a career of more than two decades.

In this case, the New Jersey man facing sex crimes is not permitted to work for the state again. The consequences of any sex crimes conviction can greatly impact someone both personally and professionally. For anyone arrested for sex crimes, knowing the potential impact of that crime can be the best way to prepare for what may come and also be the best way to protect their rights.

Source:, Corrections officer pleads guilty in sex case, Danielle Camilli, Oct. 18, 2013