There may be times when a group of individuals may be under investigation and not even realize it is going on. Recently in New Jersey, an investigation led to drug charges against a group that are reportedly part of the Bloods street gang. The individuals arrested were labeled as members of the Sex Money Murda off-shoot of the nationally known gang.

Two weeks before the arrest of the men, there was an investigation that entailed cooperation from several groups. The authorities involved included the Drug Enforcement Administration and local city detectives. They arrested alleged buyers first and then moved in to arrest the alleged dealers.

The arrest of the five individuals led to the confiscation of a large number of drugs. There was reportedly 690 packages of heroin, marijuana and also 32 bags of crack tied to one person. A 24-year-old man charged with possession of the drugs was also charged with intent to distribute with 1,000 feet of a school. A 19-year-old arrested also allegedly had large quantities of drugs in his possession.

Anytime there is a large scale drug bust that comes about after an investigation, it can be difficult to determine who played what role in the organization or to what extent they may have participated in any alleged criminal activity. In New Jersey, the men facing drug charges in this case could be looking at jail time, probation, or a number of other penalties if found guilty of any of the charges. Anyone arrested on drug charges is presumed innocent unless and until proved guilty and has the right to know exactly what the evidence and the nature of the charges against them are as they move forward with their criminal defense.

Source:, Paterson police bust street gang???s drug operation, make 22 arrests, Joe Malinconico Paterson, Oct. 11, 2013