Any kind of collision with a police car can mean serious consequences for the driver who caused the collision. However, if the law was being broken at the time of the car accident, the criminal consequences can be severe. For one woman, hitting a New Jersey police officer back in December has led to jail time and probation for drunk driving.

The 29-year-old woman had been at a party where she had been drinking. As she drove from the Party, she ran through a red light. This caused her to collide with a police cruiser. The police officer sustained injuries that were severe enough that he has not been back to work since the collision.

The woman was arrested for drunk driving and was just recently sentenced to jail time totaling 364 days. She was also given two years of probation for the crash. The woman pleaded guilty to the charges. There was no mention of her blood alcohol content or what led police to believe she was under the influence at the time of the crash.

The criminal consequences for drunk driving can be compounded if there was an accident and someone was injured as a result. Also, if there has been another New Jersey drunk driving conviction on someone’s record, the penalties can be increased for a subsequent conviction. Anyone arrested for drunk driving in New Jersey or anywhere else would likely gain by understanding their legal rights and how exactly what kind of fines, jail time, rehabilitative classes or probation that they may be subject to in the event the allegations are proved against them in court.

Source: CBS Philly, Pa. Woman Sentenced For Crash That Injured NJ Cop, No author, Oct. 5, 2013