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November 2013 Archives

New Jersey man faces DUI charges after wreck

A car accident can be enough for anyone to deal with. However, facing charges afterwards can compound the entire incident and open the door to potential legal consequences. For one New Jersey man, being behind the wheel during a rollover crash was only the beginning of his troubles. He now faces numerous charges including DUI related to a nighttime crash.

New Jersey concert results in drug charges against dozens

Anytime there is a large gathering of people for some kind of event, there may be criminal activity taking place or even suspected criminal activity. Authorities seem to keep a watchful eye on certain types of events that may be notorious for certain kinds of criminal activity. Recently in New Jersey, authorities joined forces to conduct an investigation during a number of concerts put on by the band Phish. The investigation resulted in drug charges being filed against a large number of people.

New Jersey drug charges: Teacher in pot sale, distribution bust

Any kind of arrest can have an impact on someone's career or ability to do their job. However, in some lines of work, being arrested or convicted on any kind of drug charges in New Jersey can have an immediate and severe impact with respect to their employment. One line of work where a drug arrest or conviction may ruin a career is education. Another may be in the medical field, and a man from South Plainfield may now have problems on both fronts.