There are times when a minor motor vehicle incident escalates, and people get hurt. Recently in New Jersey, a man was suspected of drunk driving. The night ended with the man being shot, and a police officer requiring medical evaluation at a hospital.

Authorities apparently received a report that an individual was driving erratically in a pickup truck. That person apparently tried to get the keys out of the vehicle before police made it to the scene. Once police arrived, the driver purportedly put the pickup truck in gear and hit the police car.

The driver of the pickup truck drove over a median and, thereafter, allegedly drove toward the police officer. The law enforcement officer was said to be essentially trapped and apparently fired his gun at the driver of the truck. He reportedly hit the pickup driver in the head.

The 46-year-old man who was shot by the police was listed in critical condition and placed under arrest at the hospital. The allegations of drunk driving may be in addition to other charges, which could compound the possible penalties for the man in this case should a conviction ultimately occur. There is no mention of any evidence of the drunk driving accusations other than the suspicions of witnesses before the man was shot. In any drunk driving case in New Jersey, those accused are entitled to know the evidence that may be presented against them as they work to prepare a defense against the specific charges they may be facing. While it remains to be seen how this case will be resolved, the accused individual is fully entitled to the legal presumption of innocence at every stage of the proceedings.

Source:, Police: Man shot after trying to hit Fairfield officer with car, No author, Nov. 17, 2013