Anytime there is a large gathering of people for some kind of event, there may be criminal activity taking place or even suspected criminal activity. Authorities seem to keep a watchful eye on certain types of events that may be notorious for certain kinds of criminal activity. Recently in New Jersey, authorities joined forces to conduct an investigation during a number of concerts put on by the band Phish. The investigation resulted in drug charges being filed against a large number of people.

The concerts took place in Atlantic City. Undercover work and surveillance resulted in the arrests of 42 people. The investigation also resulted in the confiscation of a significant amount of cash and drugs.

Authorities confiscated drugs such as, LSD in blotters and sugar cubes, MDMA, hashish, mushrooms, and prescription pills. They also netted bath salts and tanks of nitrous oxide, along with various forms of marijuana. The investigation involved a number of law enforcement units including, the Guns, Gangs and Narcotics Unit, members of the Atlantic City Task Force, special investigation groups, and others.

Drug charges of this magnitude typically garner a lot of media attention because of the event where the incidents are said to have occurred. However, everyone involved in the massive sweep at the New Jersey concert, or any mass gathering, is entitled to the same rights and protections that apply to anyone accused of a crime. Each person involved in a mass arrest will likely benefit from knowing the exact evidence against them as an individual and also what kind of penalties the charges filed against them may carry should a conviction actually be obtained. Moreover, they have every right to defend themselves and to require that prosecutors prove their case in court by the stringent measure of proof required in New Jersey criminal proceedings.

Source:, 42 arrested, numerous drugs confiscated during Phish weekend in Atlantic City, Steven Lemongello, Nov. 5, 2013