Any kind of arrest can have an impact on someone’s career or ability to do their job. However, in some lines of work, being arrested or convicted on any kind of drug charges in New Jersey can have an immediate and severe impact with respect to their employment. One line of work where a drug arrest or conviction may ruin a career is education. Another may be in the medical field, and a man from South Plainfield may now have problems on both fronts.

Recently, a substitute teacher was arrested in South Plainfield and faces several drug charges. Police had been conducting an investigation and secured a search warrant. They executed the warrant and contend that they found more than 50 grams (just over 1.75 ounces) of marijuana and also drug paraphernalia.

He faces accusations for distribution of a controlled dangerous substance and also possession of drugs. The man was released after posting bail. The superintendent of the school where the man had worked as a substitute teacher said he had not worked there within the past year but that all officials were told of the situation pertaining to the man’s arrest.

When it comes to drug charges in New Jersey, there are several variables that can factor into a case. The amount and the type of drugs involved play a significant role in the possible penalties someone may face if convicted for drug possession or distribution. Also, whether they have any prior drug related convictions can also determine the severity of the charges and potential penalties. Nevertheless, this man is presumed innocent of any and all charges, however, knowing the possible penalties he is facing, as well as the applicable laws and local procedures, may be beneficial in formulating a defense.

Source:, Substitute Teacher Arrested for Drug Distribution, No author, Oct. 22, 2013