A car accident can be enough for anyone to deal with. However, facing charges afterwards can compound the entire incident and open the door to potential legal consequences. For one New Jersey man, being behind the wheel during a rollover crash was only the beginning of his troubles. He now faces numerous charges including DUI related to a nighttime crash.

The 45-year-old man was driving a Jeep Liberty when it overturned off of the road. Another car was involved in the crash also. The driver of the Jeep faces DUI and assault charges related to the crash.

The driver suffered injuries in the crash. A passenger in the vehicle had a head contusion. The people in the other vehicle needed medical attention for various injuries also. The driver who allegedly caused the crash was held in jail on $10,000 bail and is facing five charges related to the incident.

DUI is a serious charge in New Jersey. The consequences can vary according to the details of each case, such as if anyone was hurt, if other crimes were committed at the time and/or if the person charged has past DUI convictions. Any evidence offered in court, such as field sobriety tests or blood alcohol test results, can play a role in how a DUI case is handled in the criminal court system. It is beneficial for anyone facing criminal charges to know their legal rights and to gain an understanding about how the case may be handled, the potential consequences and the legality of any evidence that prosecutors may attempt to use against them.

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