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December 2013 Archives

Shoplifting suspicion leads to drug charges in New Jersey

Whenever someone is suspected or held for suspicion of a crime, the police or authorities involved may also find evidence or reason to pursue other charges. There are times when being held on suspicion of one crime can open the door to being searched. Any evidence discovered as a result of the search could result in an arrest for another matter altogether. For example, a New Jersey woman held on shoplifting allegations is now also facing drug charges.

New Jersey drunk driving crash takes lives

Teens and young adults are statistically more prone to being involved in a car accident on the roadways, especially at night. If alcohol is suspected to be involved in an accident, the consequences can be devastating for anyone involved. Recently, a car accident in New Jersey ended tragically on a major highway, and a driver has been charged with drunk driving.

Man faces sexual assault charge in New Jersey

When people are dating, relationships can become complicated and allegations of wrongdoing can be made publicly against one party if there is an alleged of criminal activity. When charges are filed by one party in a relationship, it can be complicated for investigators to figure out what happened due to the emotions involved and the fact that any alleged incident may have occurred privately. For one man in New Jersey, his dating relationship with a woman has ended with him facing a sexual assault charge.

New Jersey man guilty after role in drug distribution death

Drug charges can be far-reaching, as can the consequences of someone else's drug use thanks to liability laws. When someone dies because of the drug use or an overdose, there can now be consequences for those who may have had a role in their use of drugs. For one New Jersey drug dealer, his role in drug distribution and the resulting death of a man who used those drugs has ended in a guilty verdict in criminal court.