When people are dating, relationships can become complicated and allegations of wrongdoing can be made publicly against one party if there is an alleged of criminal activity. When charges are filed by one party in a relationship, it can be complicated for investigators to figure out what happened due to the emotions involved and the fact that any alleged incident may have occurred privately. For one man in New Jersey, his dating relationship with a woman has ended with him facing a sexual assault charge.

The 31-year-old man was dating the woman in the case back in March 2013. It is alleged that, at that time, he forced her into a sexual act involving penetration during. It is also claimed that the man in question threatened to kill her.

After an investigation into the charges was conducted, the man was arrested and charged with second degree sexual assault. He is also facing a charge of third degree terroristic threats. The man has been detained in a facility and bail is currently set at $50,000. Police indicated that the investigation into this case is an ongoing matter.

In many sexual assault cases, there may be little to no physical evidence, especially if the alleged incident occurred well before any criminal charges were ever filed. There are many times when evidence in a case can be successfully challenged in court. Anyone in New Jersey who is facing a charge of sexual assault may benefit from knowing what kind of evidence may be presented in their particular case and what their rights are under the law in defending themselves against the accusations.

Source: newjerseyhills.com, Montville man charged with sexual assault, terroristic threats, No author, Dec. 5, 2013