Drug charges can be far-reaching, as can the consequences of someone else’s drug use thanks to liability laws. When someone dies because of the drug use or an overdose, there can now be consequences for those who may have had a role in their use of drugs. For one New Jersey drug dealer, his role in drug distribution and the resulting death of a man who used those drugs has ended in a guilty verdict in criminal court.

The 33-year-old man sold heroin to a 27-year-old man. That man overdosed and died as a result. Because of the distinctive paper that the drugs were wrapped in, authorities were able to pinpoint who sold the drugs to the man.

Authorities have recently begun to charge suspected drug dealers in New Jersey if there are deaths related to the drugs they sold. This particular case is one of three that officials have brought to the court system. The man in this case is facing eight years in prison for his role in the overdose.

This fairly new move to prosecute drug dealers for an overdose or death related to the drug distribution can have far-reaching consequences. Anyone who is arrested on drug distribution charges in New Jersey may benefit from being aware of the potential to be held criminally responsible for any drug related deaths to which they can be linked. Drug charges on all levels can result in jail time, fines, probation and other legal consequences. The more those arrested knows about their rights and any potential accountability under the law, the better prepared they may be to defend themselves if they are facing charges.

Source: New York Daily News, New Jersey drug dealer pleads guilty after client overdoses on his heroin, Sasha Goldstein, Nov. 19, 2013