Whenever someone is suspected or held for suspicion of a crime, the police or authorities involved may also find evidence or reason to pursue other charges. There are times when being held on suspicion of one crime can open the door to being searched. Any evidence discovered as a result of the search could result in an arrest for another matter altogether. For example, a New Jersey woman held on shoplifting allegations is now also facing drug charges.

The 21-year-old woman was being held by Walmart Loss Prevention personnel. The police were called in to assist with the situation. When a police officer escorted her to her vehicle in an attempt to locate allegedly stolen goods, they say they made a discovery that led to more charges. Police allege that she had marijuana and hash oil in the vehicle.

They transported the suspect to the police headquarters to formally charge her. She faces charges of shoplifting and also drugs charges. It was not specified exactly what amount of drugs the woman was alleged to have had in her possession. It is also not reported exactly what evidence of shoplifting led to her detainment to begin with.

Anytime someone in New Jersey faces drug charges that came about as a result of a search, the validity of that search may be called into question. The woman in this case may not have known her rights with respect to a search of her car. Anyone who is currently facing drug charges may benefit from understanding the legality of searches and what role evidence seized in a search may play in their case.

Source: njherald.com, Long Valley woman faces drug, shoplifting charges, No author, Dec. 17, 2013