Facing any kind of criminal charge can be a difficult time. However, when a drunk driving charge has been filed after people have been hurt in a car accident, the charge and the potential criminal consequences can be serious and affect many aspects of a person’s life. A recent car accident in New Jersey led to a drunk driving charge and other charges against one of the drivers.

The incident occurred on a New Jersey highway just after midnight on a Sunday. A 34-year-old man was driving south when he collided with the back of another vehicle. That vehicle contained a driver as well as two passengers in the back seat.

The two passengers, both 16 years of age, were critically injured in the crash and had to be extracted from the vehicle. The driver of that car also sustained injuries. The man who hit them was charged with drunk driving, assault with an auto and other charges. However, there was no report as to why authorities believed the man to be under the influence at the time of the crash.

Whenever a car crash occurs and a driver faces drunk driving charges as a result, the possible criminal penalties applicable when a conviction is secured can be dependent on the severity of injuries caused by the incident. Anyone charged with drunk driving in New Jersey should know how the level of injuries caused by a crash can factor into their individual case. They may also benefit from knowing the exact nature of any evidence the prosecution seeks to use against them and what legal challenges may be available to defend against the criminal allegations.

Source: nj.com, Drunk driving charges filed in Old Bridge crash that injured 2 teens, No author, Dec. 29, 2013