Any time there are numerous arrests in relation to drugs, it may be difficult for New Jersey law enforcement authorities to decipher exactly who to charge with what specific crime. Recently, a large-scale drug investigation resulted in the arrest of 10 people, who are now facing various drug charges. The investigation reportedly took place over a 10 month period.

The nearly year-long investigation led police to arrest men they allege to have been distributing cocaine in the New Jersey area for decades. The men arrested and listed in a news report about the incident range in age from 40 to 57 years old. The men also held interesting career positions in the community, including a chief inspector for the local housing authority, a dispatcher for the sheriff’s department and an employee of the Department of Public Works.

The drug bust reportedly garnered 1.5 kilos of cocaine and pounds of marijuana also. There were also prescription drugs seized along with the drug MDMA. A truck and over $10,000 in cash was seized as well, along with weapons. They are charged with distribution of the drugs.

The level of drug charges that have been filed against the New Jersey men can yield serious criminal consequences. However, all of the men charged are innocent in the eyes of the law unless and until proven guilty of a specific crime. Whenever drug charges are filed against anyone in New Jersey, it will likely benefit the accused individual to gain a working knowledge of the current laws and how drug types and amounts seized factor into what possible penalties may be sought in criminal court. The severity of the accusations mandates that every reasonable effort be made to fully protect the legal rights of each person charged.

Source:, 10 charged in central New Jersey drug ring, No author, Jan. 7, 2014