Whenever a shooting incident occurs, there may be circumstances that lead to people being held accountable, even if they did not actually shoot a gun or directly participate in the crime for which the gun was allegedly used. Gun laws can be complicated, particularly when it comes to transporting or possessing firearms across state borders. Recently, a New Jersey man was arrested on gun charges after a gun he allegedly gave to another person was apparently used in a shooting on a train.

Authorities contend the 28-year-old man transported and supplied a gun to another individual. That man reportedly had the same gun on a train. He got into an argument when a woman asked him to not lean on her. He pulled out the gun and fired the weapon, hitting the woman and her brother in the process.

The man who allegedly transported a gun to give to the shooter is facing a number of charges. He is charged with improper transportation of a gun and unlawful possession of a gun. He has had bail set at $40,000.

Whenever a crime may have been committed with a gun, whoever supplied the gun could face serious gun charges as well, depending on the specific facts and circumstances underlying the incident. Gun laws vary from state, meaning the possible charges and consequences can vary depending on a person’s location. Anyone facing gun charges in New Jersey may benefit from understanding the current gun laws in our state and how they may affect their case. Clearly, they are treated seriously, and every effort must necessarily be made to protect the legal rights of an accused individual throughout every stage of any criminal proceedings.

Source: nj.com, Jersey City man charged with supplying gun in shooting on PATH train, Felix Alarcon, Jan. 17, 2014