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February 2014 Archives

New Jersey investigation leads to drug charges for many

When there are active drug investigations, a number of people may be implicated or become involved long before they may even be aware of an investigation. A recent long-term investigation in New Jersey has led to the arrest of a number of people. In total, 14 people are facing drug charges.

Uncooperative New Jersey woman charged with drunk driving

Whenever someone is pulled over, how they interact with police can play a role in what happens and even what charges they may end up facing. A New Jersey patrolman recently charged a woman with a number of crimes, some based on her alleged actions after being pulled over. The woman is charged with drunk driving also.

Several individuals face drug charges in New Jersey

The recent news of the rise in heroin use across the country has resulted in a number of large-scale investigations in multiple states. One investigation in New Jersey has resulted in the arrest of four people who now face drug charges. The investigation pertained to the four's alleged involvement in ferrying drugs from one city to another county in New Jersey as city officials enforce a crackdown on heroin use and deaths.

New Jersey man faces sexual assault charge

A charge of any crime that is sexual in nature can lead to serious consequences. Any child welfare authority in New Jersey who is told of a potential assault on a child has the legal obligation to pursue the matter further. When an alleged victim recently told the details of a supposed incident to a caseworker in New Jersey, an investigation led to a man being charged with sexual assault.

New Jersey bridge is scene of alleged DUI accident

Driving across a bridge at night can easily lead to an accident. However, if alcohol is involved, the likelihood of an accident may be increased. One woman in New Jersey recently wrecked on a bridge and now faces charges of DUI as a result.