Driving across a bridge at night can easily lead to an accident. However, if alcohol is involved, the likelihood of an accident may be increased. One woman in New Jersey recently wrecked on a bridge and now faces charges of DUI as a result.

The 31-year-old woman was on the bridge at 9:22 p.m. The driver was in a Honda and purportedly crossed over into oncoming traffic. She collided head-on with a Nissan which had a 24-year-old man behind the wheel. Both of the drivers had injuries and needed to be transported to an area hospital for treatment. Fortunately, the injuries were described as not being life-threatening.

The woman was charged with a DUI in the wake of this incident. It is unclear if any field sobriety test were conducted or if there was any evidence at the scene to suggest the woman may have been drinking. There was no word as to what kind of damage either vehicle may have sustained either.

The woman who has been charged with a DUI for the crash may potentially face a series of consequences if she is convicted of the charges in a criminal court, although currently she is presumed innocent of any wrongdoing. In New Jersey, the penalties for a DUI can include fines, jail time and loss of a driver’s license. If a driver were to have subsequent DUIs on his or her record, the fines and potential time in jail or without a driver’s license would likely increase. Anyone arrested for DUI in New Jersey may benefit from understand the minimum penalties along with their rights under the law as they prepare to face the charges in criminal court.

Source: mycentraljersey.com, New Brunswick bridge accident leads to DWI arrest, No author, Jan. 24, 2014