When there are active drug investigations, a number of people may be implicated or become involved long before they may even be aware of an investigation. A recent long-term investigation in New Jersey has led to the arrest of a number of people. In total, 14 people are facing drug charges.

The investigation began in the summer when authorities believed a man was selling the drug “molly” or MDMA. They then met with the man and allegedly purchased drugs from him. Investigators were also able to ascertain the supposed identities of other suspects as being suppliers of the drug. This led to a search warrant for four people’s homes and vehicles.

In one suspect’s home, police reportedly found heroin, cocaine, drug paraphernalia and a number of guns. The guns included two handguns and an assault rifle. The “Molly” seized was valued at over $9,000. The 14 individuals, with ages ranging from 18 to 39, were charged with various drug crimes related to the drug investigation.

For individuals in New Jersey who become involved in drug investigations and charged, many of the possible penalties depend on the drugs, the quantity, the intent and any past drug charges that may have led to convictions. It could help for anyone facing such charges to know precisely what the charges entail and what potential evidence may be used by the prosecution when the case is tried. Additionally, comprehensive knowledge of their rights and possible defense strategies may also be of benefit for those who are involved in a drug investigation.

Source: nj.com, Drug bust leads to charges against 14 people, seizure of more than $16K in narcotics, Bill Wichert, Feb. 20, 2014