The recent news of the rise in heroin use across the country has resulted in a number of large-scale investigations in multiple states. One investigation in New Jersey has resulted in the arrest of four people who now face drug charges. The investigation pertained to the four’s alleged involvement in ferrying drugs from one city to another county in New Jersey as city officials enforce a crackdown on heroin use and deaths.

The incidents began when police stopped a Nissan along the roadway. They allegedly seized 2,000 doses of the drug heroin. Police officials arrested the occupants, a 27-year-old man and a 25-year-old man. They were charged with a number of drug offenses, but it unclear why they stopped the car.

Later, police went to a home along with other authorities. Inside, they allegedly found 800 doses of the same drug and also found what they believe to be material for distributing the drug. A 36-year-old woman and 23-year-old woman were both arrested at that scene. The two women also face a number of drug charges.

Drug charges in New Jersey can relate to possession, intent to sell or other alleged activities. In cases where those who are arrested are accused of trafficking or distributing drugs, the possible consequences may be more severe. Such consequences run the range from jail time to costly fines, in addition to difficulty in finding employment in the future. Anyone in New Jersey who is facing any level of drug charges related to an investigation may find a more favorable resolution for their case if they are aware of the exact nature of the charges and possible options for a defense.

Source:, 4 arrested in plot to traffic heroin from Newark to Ocean County, James Queally, Jan. 30, 2014