Whenever someone is pulled over, how they interact with police can play a role in what happens and even what charges they may end up facing. A New Jersey patrolman recently charged a woman with a number of crimes, some based on her alleged actions after being pulled over. The woman is charged with drunk driving also.

The incident that led to her arrest began when an officer on patrol purportedly observed her speeding. He contends she was tailgating also. He pulled the woman over. He says she then became argumentative and would not cooperate with the request he was making, and he placed her under arrest.

She now faces charges of drunk driving, reckless driving and tailgating. She also was charged with refusing to take a breath test and resisting arrest. The woman was released to family after being taken into custody.

The charges the woman faces can lead to serious consequences in New Jersey, should a conviction actually be obtained. A charge of refusing to submit to a breath test and also drunk driving can impact someone’s driver’s license. Whenever a driver’s license is on the line, their job may be affected — along with their finances if they face fines as the result of a criminal conviction. While this woman is innocent of all charges unless and until proven to be otherwise, anyone dealing with a drunk driving charge in New Jersey may benefit from understanding how that charge can affect any areas of their life where a driver’s license may be needed and what kind of fines may they be subject to should prosecutors meet their burden of proof in court.

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