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March 2014 Archives

New Jersey man charged with sexual assault of 2 girls

When someone is awaiting trial for one set of charges, being arrested again can prolong the overall experience. Multiple criminal charges that are essentially the same can result in harsher sentences in those instances where convictions are ultimately secured. Recently, a New Jersey man found himself under arrest for sexual assault after a similar incident allegedly occurred roughly a year earlier.

New Jersey woman charged with drunk driving, child in car

Whenever people in a shopping plaza observe something out of sorts or a motorist that they think is not fully in control of a vehicle, it is not unusual for those observers to alert the police. Recently, shoppers in New Jersey did just that. They reportedly saw a woman who had apparently lost control of the vehicle she was operating. There was also a child in the car, and the woman is now facing charges that include drunk driving.

New Jersey neighborhood dad faces drug charges

When there is a tragedy related to drugs, especially an overdose, the police may track down any parties they believe had a role in the drug incident. There are times when they can attempt to hold others legally accountable when there has been a drug death. While unusual, the police in one New Jersey town are pressing drug charges against a 44-year-old dad who they allege played a role in the overdose death of a 19-year-old man.

New Jersey woman goes wrong way, faces drunk driving charge

Anytime a vehicle is going the wrong way down a road, there is a greater chance of accident and injuries for anyone coming or going. There may also be criminal charges involved when a car goes the wrong way down the road and an accident ensues. A New Jersey woman was driving the wrong way along a roadway and ended up being charged with drunk driving after an accident.

Ex-clergy passing through New Jersey charged with sexual assault

When someone is passing through a state or town and is accused of committing a crime, it may be difficult to get them to return to that particular state to face those charges. Recently, a retired priest was visiting and then traveling through New Jersey when an alleged incident occurred. However, he has since returned to his current home state and is not in custody in New Jersey, even though he is charged with sexual assault.