When someone is passing through a state or town and is accused of committing a crime, it may be difficult to get them to return to that particular state to face those charges. Recently, a retired priest was visiting and then traveling through New Jersey when an alleged incident occurred. However, he has since returned to his current home state and is not in custody in New Jersey, even though he is charged with sexual assault.

The retired priest was back in New Jersey to conduct a wedding at a church where he had once been the pastor. After the wedding and reception, the man apparently took a bus to the hotel where he was staying in the area. He then allegedly made unwanted sexual contact with an adult male who was reportedly traveling with him.

Once the incident was reported, the priest was suspended from conducting any religious activities. He had originally left the church in New Jersey a few years ago and moved to another state. He returned to Texas and was not taken into custody in New Jersey.

The clergyman faces charges of criminal sexual contact in Randolph Township, where the bus incident took place. While there may be a move to extradite him to New Jersey to face the charges, it is unclear if authorities will attempt to do so. Anyone facing sexual assault charges is deemed innocent until and unless proven otherwise by evidence that meets the strict requirements of our criminal justice system. This man may benefit from being fully prepared and informed of his legal rights to defend against the charges should efforts be made to return him to our state for prosecution.

Source: newjerseyhills.com, Retired priest charged with sex assault, No author, Feb. 28, 2014