When there is a tragedy related to drugs, especially an overdose, the police may track down any parties they believe had a role in the drug incident. There are times when they can attempt to hold others legally accountable when there has been a drug death. While unusual, the police in one New Jersey town are pressing drug charges against a 44-year-old dad who they allege played a role in the overdose death of a 19-year-old man.

The 19-year-old died after taking heroin that was found to be laced with fentanyl. There is a New Jersey law that enables police to charge someone with causing a drug-induced death of another. The 44-year-old man who has been charged was allegedly selling marijuana, MDMA (Molly), oxycodone and heroin.

The teenage daughter of the man charged has also been charged with a crime. She stands accused of destroying evidence. The charge the dad is facing has a potential punishment of up to 30 years in prison.

It is unclear what kind of evidence authorities allege to have that may tie the man to the heroin or the death of the 19-year-old. Anyone who is dealing with drug charges related to the overdose of another person will surely want to focus on the specifics of the applicable New Jersey statute under which they have been charged. As with any drug charges, the type and amount as well as the intent of anyone found to possess or be selling drugs plays a role in the type of charges they may face. In this case, as with any other, this man is innocent of all charges unless proven otherwise in a court of law by the strict requirements that govern criminal proceedings in our state.

Source: CBS New York, Upper Saddle River Father Charged In Teen’s Drug Overdose Death, No author, March 10, 2014