Anytime a vehicle is going the wrong way down a road, there is a greater chance of accident and injuries for anyone coming or going. There may also be criminal charges involved when a car goes the wrong way down the road and an accident ensues. A New Jersey woman was driving the wrong way along a roadway and ended up being charged with drunk driving after an accident.

The 22-year-old woman was on the highway driving in the wrong direction when she collided with two other vehicles, one right after another. She allegedly had left a bar and headed west on the roadway. The driver of the second car she hit needed medical attention.

After the second crash, the police charged the 22-year-old with reckless driving and also driving under the influence. It is unclear what, if any, field sobriety tests were done at the scene. Police also said there may be more charges coming for the woman to deal with.

There are varying penalties for drunk driving in New Jersey. A drunk driving charge that results in a conviction may lead to high fines, loss of license, jail time and/or being mandated to attend alcohol rehabilitative programs. The woman in this case is presumed innocent until — and only if — proven guilty of any charge she faces. Regardless of whether the case goes to trial, a comprehensive defense plan may be of benefit. The woman also has the right to review the evidence that prosecutors intend to use against her and what kind of alternatives, such as a plea negotiation, may help her to achieve the most favorable outcome for her case.

Source:, New Jersey Woman Charged In Wrong-Way Crash, No author, Feb. 26, 2014