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April 2014 Archives

New Jersey man faces sexual assault charge related to minor

Whenever there is an accusation of sexual assault made by anyone, there may be the need to thoroughly investigate the scene, interview the alleged victim and possibly interview any kind of evidence. Also, medical evidence may be able to prove whether or not sexual contact occurred, but it may not narrow down whether or not that contact was consensual or not. One New Jersey man stands accused of sexual assault against a minor related to an incident in his apartment.

Car trouble leads to drunk driving charges against New Jersey man

When police see a disabled or troubled vehicle, they may follow or pull that person over to see if help is needed. This can sometimes lead to someone finding themselves under suspicion of a crime. Recently, a New Jersey man was driving a car with issues and found himself facing drunk driving charges as a result.

Traffic stops lead to drug charges in New Jersey

Anytime the police pull over a car, there may be more to investigate or contend with than the purpose of the original traffic stop. For a number of people in New Jersey, recent traffic stops led to drug charges being filed. The breakup of an alleged drug ring related to the traffic stops resulted in the arrest of six people.

Drug charges filed in New Jersey after man forgets package

When police are informed of a suspicious package at an airport, there may be serious cause for concern. Recently, New Jersey police responded to one such call at the Newark Liberty International Airport. As a result of the call to authorities and their investigation, a 30-year-old man now faces drug charges.