When police are informed of a suspicious package at an airport, there may be serious cause for concern. Recently, New Jersey police responded to one such call at the Newark Liberty International Airport. As a result of the call to authorities and their investigation, a 30-year-old man now faces drug charges.

Budget Rental Car company initially called the police after workers discovered something left behind in a rental car. Police say the package left behind was a bag that had 250 packages of heroin. The man who had last rented the car then called to tell the company that he left something behind in the car and wished to retrieve it.

The man was told he could come to the airport and get the package. It was at this time that police arrested the man on drug charges. They contend he confirmed the package was his. He was being held in custody on $150,000 bail.

Cases involving drugs being found in a public place or in a rental car can be difficult to decipher. Prosecutors have the burden of proving who the drugs belong to in order to make the drug charges stick. The technicalities of search and seizure may also play a role in how drug charges are filed and pursued. Anyone arrested on drug charges in New Jersey may want to be aware of applicable state and federal laws and also be aware of their rights as they work to devise a defense strategy that is geared to achieve the best possible resolution.

Source: myfoxny.com, “Man faces drug charges after NJ airport arrest”, , April 3, 2014