Anytime the police pull over a car, there may be more to investigate or contend with than the purpose of the original traffic stop. For a number of people in New Jersey, recent traffic stops led to drug charges being filed. The breakup of an alleged drug ring related to the traffic stops resulted in the arrest of six people.

The original stop resulted when police pulled over a car on Interstate 80. They allegedly found packaging materials in that vehicle. Another stop led to the discovery of a secret compartment in the car. According to police, there were 165 bricks of heroin within that compartment, along with hollow point bullets.

This all led to searches of homes. In all, there were two more arrests and the alleged discovery of another 148 bricks of heroin. There were also other items discovered, including handguns, a silencer, ammunition and distribution supplies. Police assert that the arrests led to the dismantling of two heroin mills. Cash totaling $20,000 was also seized.

Whenever a traffic stop leads to multiple search warrants and drug charges, there are complicated search and seizure procedures that law enforcement personnel must follow. Anyone in New Jersey who finds themselves facing drug charges as the result of a search or traffic stop may want to fully understand the applicable laws and procedures relating to their case. Knowing one’s legal rights and what laws may impact the coming criminal proceedings in court are important first steps in preparing a defense to challenge the evidence and testmony offered by the prosecution.

Source:, “More than 300 bricks of heroin, $20K, guns seized in New Jersey drug bust”, JC Sevcik, April 1, 2014