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May 2014 Archives

Police officers in New Jersey stand accused of sexual assault

Police officers are in a position of authority. Because of their line of work, they may also be susceptible to being accused of taking advantage of that authority. If a police officer stands accused of a crime, the very accusation may impact their career and their ability to stay on the job, regardless of the outcome of any criminal charges. Recently in New Jersey, two police officers found themselves impacted by charges of sexual assault.

Drunk driving crash takes life and injures others in New Jersey

Whenever a serious car accident happens, there may be the need to investigate whether alcohol played a role in the incident. If a driver is charged with drunk driving after a car accident, the specifics regarding the collision can play a significant role in the severity of the charges that may be filed. A recent car accident in New Jersey resulted in a driver facing drunk driving charges and also in several injuries and a death.

New Jersey house fire leads to drug charges

Whenever someone calls for authorities to assist in a situation that requires them to enter the home, there may be consequences if those authorities notice anything they believe to be illegal. This can include calling the fire department to put out a fire. Recently in New Jersey, calling for help with a fire led to drug charges for a number of college students.

Dozens face juvenile charges in New Jersey

It is not unusual for graduating seniors or other juveniles to pull pranks on teachers or the school at the end of a school year. However, if that prank leads to breaking the law, there may be criminal charges to contend with as a result. A recent prank at a New Jersey high school led to arrests and juvenile charges being filed against dozens of students.