It is not unusual for graduating seniors or other juveniles to pull pranks on teachers or the school at the end of a school year. However, if that prank leads to breaking the law, there may be criminal charges to contend with as a result. A recent prank at a New Jersey high school led to arrests and juvenile charges being filed against dozens of students.

Over 60 students ended up being arrested after a large group broke into the high school. They took part in behaviors such as flipping desks over and putting grease on door knobs. They also reportedly urinated in the halls of the school.

Authorities were alerted to the fact that something was amiss when the alarm went off at the school. When police arrived, they found some kids had tried to run off and others were hidden in the school. In all, 62 were arrested. Those apprehended face burglary and criminal mischief charges from the incident.

Whenever such a large group is facing juvenile charges, it may be difficult to ascertain who took part in what behavior. Some of the students may face more serious possible consequences related to the incident compared to others who may not have done certain activities. These juvenile charges can lead to fines, probation or other consequences that can impact the students’ future in one way or another. Any students in New Jersey facing juvenile charges may benefit from understanding how criminal charges may affect their future or what can be done to minimize any negative outcomes.

Source:, “62 New Jersey students arrested for trashing school, peeing in hallways in elaborate senior prank: cops”, Meg Wagner, May 1, 2014