Whenever a serious car accident happens, there may be the need to investigate whether alcohol played a role in the incident. If a driver is charged with drunk driving after a car accident, the specifics regarding the collision can play a significant role in the severity of the charges that may be filed. A recent car accident in New Jersey resulted in a driver facing drunk driving charges and also in several injuries and a death.

The accident happened after midnight on a Sunday. A car was on the turnpike when the driver lost control. The driver then struck a concrete barrier.

One passenger was ejected from the vehicle and died as a result. Another passenger in the car ended up with a neck injury that was described as severe. Two other passengers in the car, both of whom were women, suffered injuries. The driver was charged with driving drunk, though there was no word as to whether the driver was injured in the crash.

When a driver faces drunk driving charges after a car accident, the severity of the charges could be upgraded, depending on the circumstances of the accident. When a driver in a car accident is accused of drunk driving but is also injured, it may difficult to conduct field sobriety tests. Anyone facing these circumstances in New Jersey may benefit from understanding his or her rights and also understanding how the specifics of the accident may play a role in any other charges. Regardless, there are decisions to be made about the coming criminal proceedings and the manner in which to present a persuasive defense to the accusations.

Source: CBS New York, “Alleged Drunk Driver Kills 1, Injures 3 In New Jersey Turnpike Crash”, , May 11, 2014