Whenever someone calls for authorities to assist in a situation that requires them to enter the home, there may be consequences if those authorities notice anything they believe to be illegal. This can include calling the fire department to put out a fire. Recently in New Jersey, calling for help with a fire led to drug charges for a number of college students.

Six students at Rutgers University were all living at the residence when a basement fire led to the need to call for help. Firefighters came to extinguish the fire and also noticed what they said were drugs and drug paraphernalia inside. The police were then called to the house to investigate.

The police arrested the six students who lived in the home. They range in age from 20-years-old to 22-years-old. They face a variety of charges including: possession of marijuana, possession of Adderall, possession of cocaine, and intent to distribute charges. The fire was ruled an accident.

Whenever a group of individuals faces drug charges, authorities are faced with the challenge of trying to prove who may have had what drugs or who may have intended to do what with any drugs that were found. Drug charges in New Jersey can lead to varying consequences dependent on what kind of drugs are involved and also how much is found. The method that police came to see or find such drugs also plays a role in how charges may be handed down and what kind of defense strategy should be pursued.

Source: nj.com, “Six Rutgers-New Brunswick students arrested on drug dealing charges”, Anthony G. Attrino, May 5, 2014