Police officers are in a position of authority. Because of their line of work, they may also be susceptible to being accused of taking advantage of that authority. If a police officer stands accused of a crime, the very accusation may impact their career and their ability to stay on the job, regardless of the outcome of any criminal charges. Recently in New Jersey, two police officers found themselves impacted by charges of sexual assault.

The two police officers accused of wrongdoing are both 43 years old. They are facing charges that they sexually assaulted a 16-year-old. However, it is not completely clear if they both stand accused of assaulting the same person. It is also reported that the charges came about after an investigation into an incident.

One of the officers was arrested as he showed up to work one day. The other police officer was taken into custody at his home. Both were taken to a local jail and held on a $100,000 bail. The charges against them were sexual assault and accusations of official misconduct.

A charge of sexual assault can affect anyone’s reputation and can lead to a wide variety of consequences through the criminal justice system. It is vital that anyone in New Jersey who stands accused of sexual assault know his or her rights. A sexual assault charge and subsequent conviction may mean jail time, fines, probation and can impact where an individual is able to live. Because a sexual assault case often hinges on a “he-said-she-said” type of situation, it is typically imperative that anyone accused knows the specific nature of any purported evidence in the hands of prosecutors and legal options may be available to challenge the accusations in court.

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