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June 2014 Archives

New Jersey teacher faces sexual assault charge

Any kind of criminal charge can have an impact on a person’s reputation and career. However, if a person stands accused of a crime on his or her work premises for a crime committed against someone with whom he or she was entrusted to protect, the potential consequences can impact their career even before they get their day in court. In New Jersey recently, a teacher has been removed from his classroom as he faces charges of sexual assault.

29 begin criminal defense against illegal sports gambling charges

After a long investigation and sting operation, 29 people were recently arrested under suspicion of being involved in an illegal sports betting ring. The multi-million dollar operation was supposedly run by two New Jersey men. All of the persons arrested face conspiracy and gambling charges, and the two alleged ring leaders face additional charges of money laundering and racketeering. All of the accused must now focus on their criminal defense to the accusations that are specific to each individual.

Parents in New Jersey face drug charges

There are laws against creating or permitting an environment that is dangerous to the welfare of children. If there is any kind of illegal activity in a home and there are children there as well, there may be an additional charges filed against that person. Recently, the New Jersey parents of a young girl found were accused of child endangerment to go along with the drug charges they received.

Man charged with drunk driving after New Jersey car wreck

When police respond to any situation pertaining to a car accident, there is the possibility that they will investigate a situation further, and charges can come about based on that investigation. If they respond and believe there was a crime committed, they may ask a driver to answer questions or comply with a field sobriety test or search. For one man, being involved in a single car crash in New Jersey has resulted in drunk driving charges along with other charges.