When police respond to any situation pertaining to a car accident, there is the possibility that they will investigate a situation further, and charges can come about based on that investigation. If they respond and believe there was a crime committed, they may ask a driver to answer questions or comply with a field sobriety test or search. For one man, being involved in a single car crash in New Jersey has resulted in drunk driving charges along with other charges.

On a Monday night, police were called to check out a single car accident. When they did, they contend that there was reason to suspect the driver of being under the influence. There is no word as to what exactly led them to this assumption or who called authorities. Police say the man failed field sobriety tests given at the scene. Police also say there was alcohol in the vehicle.

The man was ultimately charged with a number of offenses. He was charged with drunk driving and for having open containers of alcohol in the car. They further claim that he had marijuana and drug paraphernalia in the car. He was also charged with reckless driving and has a court appearance pending.

In cases where police come upon an accident scene, they may request field sobriety tests or blood tests. If someone has been injured in a car accident, it may be difficult to conduct these tests or to even get permission from the injured party. While the man in this case may have been able to give permission for a search and field sobriety tests, it is important for anyone arrested for drunk driving to understand their rights and what may happen if they decline a request for a search or field sobriety test. In New Jersey, drunk driving can lead to a number of possible consequences, depending on the circumstances, and those facing any charges should know how to best prepare themselves to fight the alleged charges against them.

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