There are laws against creating or permitting an environment that is dangerous to the welfare of children. If there is any kind of illegal activity in a home and there are children there as well, there may be an additional charges filed against that person. Recently, the New Jersey parents of a young girl found were accused of child endangerment to go along with the drug charges they received.

Authorities descended on the home under suspicion of drug activity taking place. Inside, they contend they found a mom asleep on a mattress with a 2-year-old girl. They searched under the mattress and reportedly found drugs and knives. Authorities said the stash was within reach of the child.

Along with the charges of child endangerment, the parents are dealing with drug possession charges and accusations of intent to sell. There were allegedly 100 bags of heroin under the mattress. The child was placed in a grandparent’s custody after the parents were arrested.

Drug charges in New Jersey may be escalated, depending on the amount and type of drugs or if there are any past offenses on a person’s record. Penalties following a conviction could include jail time, fines, loss of driver’s license and/or probation. They may also have to contend with legal obstacles to regain the child that was temporarily placed in the custody of another individual. Anyone in New Jersey facing similar charges may benefit from understanding his or her legal rights in defending against the drug charge filed. As with any other individual accused of a crime in our state, they remain protected by the legal presumption of innocence unless prosecutors are actually able to prove the allegations that have been lodged against them.

Source: Yahoo News, “New Jersey parents charged after toddler found amid heroin, knives”, Victoria Cavaliere, June 4, 2014