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July 2014 Archives

Man faces drug charges after New Jersey police observe behavior

Police routinely patrol neighborhoods with the intent of keeping a presence known and reducing potential crime in the area. When New Jersey police are on patrol in a neighborhood, they may observe suspicious behavior that they believe warrants a closer look or investigation on their part. In one neighborhood, police were conducting what was dubbed “quality of life” police work when they felt that filing drug charges against a man was necessary. Several others were taken into custody as well.

4 accused of sexual assault of New Jersey teen

Teenagers are increasingly recording activities on cell phones. If any of the footage taken appears to document a crime, the authorities may seek to use that video or recording as evidence under certain circumstances. Recently in New Jersey, a case of a sexual assault reportedly recorded on a cell phone has led to the arrest of four individuals.

Military police command Sgt. Maj. faces drunk driving charge

A criminal charge of any kind can impact the reputation and career of individuals even before they are actually tried for any kind of offense. For members of the military, being arrested on a criminal charge of drunk driving in a civilian setting can affect their career and ability to maintain their current position and rank. Recently in New Jersey, a command sergeant major of an Army Reserve military police command was arrested for alleged drunk driving and has been placed on suspension as a result.

Police stop in New Jersey leads to drug charges

Police need to have a valid reason to pull over an individual's vehicle. If they do pull over a vehicle and believe there is reason to suspect criminal activity, they may seek to search the vehicle and use any findings as evidence against the people inside. Recently in New Jersey, police pulled over a vehicle, and the occupants now face drug charges as a result.

New Jersey man facing DUI charge after cop injured in crash

Whenever the police are along the side of the road or conducting a traffic stop, it can be tricky to get around or avoid getting too close. Whenever a car does get too close, hitting the police car or even the officer can lead to serious consequences, especially if the police suspect there may be impairment involved. Recently, a New Jersey man found himself facing a DUI charge related to an incident that took place as an officer was in the midst of a traffic stop.