Whenever the police are along the side of the road or conducting a traffic stop, it can be tricky to get around or avoid getting too close. Whenever a car does get too close, hitting the police car or even the officer can lead to serious consequences, especially if the police suspect there may be impairment involved. Recently, a New Jersey man found himself facing a DUI charge related to an incident that took place as an officer was in the midst of a traffic stop.

The officer was located on the shoulder of the westbound side of the road. A vehicle operated by a 33-year-old man hit the officer’s cruiser. It then struck the officer at the scene. The officer was transported to a hospital where he needed treatment for a broken leg.

The driver was suspected of being under the influence. The man was charged with DUI and also three counts of assault. He had two passengers in his vehicle who needed medical treatment also.

The possible consequences for a DUI charge in New Jersey can vary, according to the exact details of the case. If there has been a car accident and injuries occurred as a result, the DUI-related charges can be upgraded and the potential consequences may be harsher. The specific evidence, including the results of any field sobriety and/or breath testing can also factor into how a case may be pursued. Anyone in New Jersey who is charged with DUI will want to gain an understanding of their legal rights and the options that may exist to pursue an optimal result.

Source: 6abc.com, “Monroe Township driver facing DUI in crash that injured police officer”, , June 23, 2014